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"Trust and security provided by Mitsui Soko, a company with a history of over 100 years"

Mitsui-Soko is continually making leaps forward by promptly responding to logistics innovation, such as through the provision of cutting-edge information and communication technology services and the enhancement of its overseas network.

In almost a century since its founding in October 1909, Mitsui-Soko has developed a system of warehousing, harbor shipments, ground freight and air freight to provide consolidated services for sea, air and land.

Through product distribution, we seek to serve society as the Premier Distribution System Company and continue to carry on our business activities proactively.

We aim to expand our logistics business by utilizing accumulated logistics know-how as well as by providing customers with our proprietary Logistics Information Technology (LIT) services that optimally combine actual logistics with information systems. We conduct global operations and currently have 28 overseas subsidiaries in 15 countries in addition to our subsidiaries in Japan.

We pay particular attention to compliance and risk management, which are at the basis of the company's existence, and are well aware of the social mission we must fulfill as a logistics company that provides essential functions and roles within the social infrastructure. Furthermore, in terms of environmental conservation, we also address, to the greatest extent possible as a logistics company, to reduce effects on the environment.

We will continue to provide customers with optimum needed services and make untiring efforts as a trusted company that creates optimum logistics.

" ISO 9001 Certified & Quality Policy "

The Management of Mitsui-Soko Indonesia is committed to the development and implementation of the Quality Management System and in the continuous improvement of its effectiveness by :

  • Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Establishing the quality policy
  • Ensuring that the quality objectives are met.
  • Conducting management reviews
  • Ensuring the availability of resources.


The Management ensures that customer requirements are met. We continue to look for ways to enhance customer satisfaction.


" PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia shall pursue continual improvement initiatives to ensure logistics service excellence for the benefit of its customers ".

The Mitsui-Soko Indonesia quality policy shall be accomplished by documenting and operating Quality Management System that fully meets the requirements of ISO 9001

  • Quality Objectives

  Meet customers' expectations

  • Improving ourselves and our processes continually
  • Timely deliveries
  • Integrated services providing our clients with many service options

Mitsui-Soko Indonesia Management ensures that the quality objectives, including those needed to meet the requirements for product are established at relevant functions and levels within Mitsui-Soko Indonesia . The quality objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy.

  • Quality Management System Planning

  Planning of the Quality Management System ensures the following :

  • The integrity of the Quality Management System is protected
  • Change is anticipated and implemented in a controlled manner
  • Improvement opportunities are evaluated and implemented
  • Quality objectives are achieved
  • The overall requirements of the system are effectively met
  • Commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated

The Management is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the quality management System



Country : Indonesia
City : North Jakarta
Address : Jl. Rorotan No.8
    Kawasan Industri Cakung Cilincing
Zip Code : 14140
Phone : (021) 44850123
Fax : (021) 44851921-24